Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Non-Disclosure

Ask AQuire has elaborated our training program(s) and has taught in many schools that offer a training curriculum, ending in a Certificate of Completion in each module.  These certificates are recognized by a number of health and fitness associations in those countries. Ask AQuire also offers the  possibility of  setting  up a training program  tailor  made  to  your  fields  of interest and  your  specific  needs in  many  areas of  training.  Ask AQuire’s goal is to assist in training competent trainers and clinicians.

Within the context of the training you are presently following, leading to a Completion of Certification with Ask AQuire or related techniques, you are receiving documentation and you are following the teachings of Ask AQuire courses.

As a counterpart to providing you with information and accompanying documentation, you agree to recognize Ask AQuire Rights as well as the confidential and exclusive nature of the Confidential Information (as defined hereunder) and to preserve the integral nature of the documents in conformity with this Agreement, and you accept all the restrictions and obligations provided for herein. You also understand that these undertakings constitute a condition without which Ask AQuire would not provide you with this information.


The expression means no documentation, including without limitation, transcripts, treatment and training techniques, know how, books, articles, conferences, courses, course outlines or any and all other forms of written information which, as a whole, constitutes Ask AQuire intellectual property (of which he holds the exclusive property, directly or via a holding company), and that this intellectual property benefits from all legal protection according to the Copyright Act, international conventions, governing copyright as well as the various rights and laws protecting intellectual property both at the statue and federal levels.

The expression << Confidential Information means any information concerning the teachings in all forms whatsoever including Ask AQuire Rights as well as all related or attached elements, that are provided or presented to you by Ask AQuire in any form whatsoever The Confidential Information, also includes all notes analysis, computations and studies and all summaries and other documents prepared by you which contains the Confidential Information or which are based, in whole or in part, on them.

Disclosure and Use of Ask AQuire Rights and the Confidential Information 

You hereby agree that you will not use Ask AQuire Rights as well as the Confidential Information for any other purpose than for your personal needs and for consultation, classes, without intermediaries, for the sole and exclusive purpose to provide training to your eventual clients. You further undertake to not directly or indirectly offer or teach Ask AQuire training or other related techniques by using the Confidential Information or Ask AQuire Rights subject to the penal clause forming part of this Agreement You will be held personally liable if you violate, directly or indirectly this Agreement.


Absence of Representations and Warrantees

You recognize that Ask AQuire has not made or given, nor is he making or giving any declaration or warranty (implied or express) as to the complete nature of the Confidential Information and Ask AQuire Rights which have been remitted to you. You acknowledge that Ask AQuire shall no be responsible towards you in any way whatsoever for the use by you of Ask AQuire Rights or the Confidential Information.


You  expressly  acknowledge  that  any  default  on  your  part  to  conform  to  the provisions of this Agreement, if it is not remedied within three (3) days of the receipt of a  written  notice  from  Ask AQuire indicating  such  default,  will  expose  you  to the immediate payment of a  penalty in the amount of twenty thousand US dollars {20,000 US$). The payment of this penalty will in no way affect any and all rights open to Ask AQuire under this Agreement The fact that Ask AQuire demands payment of the penalty mentioned above does not constitute in any way a waiver by Ask AQuire to any rights or recourses whatsoever, available to him.

Legal Remedy 

It  is  understood  and  agreed  that  no  failure  or  delay  by Ask AQuire in exercising any right, power or privilege hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise thereof preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any right, power or privilege hereunder.

Damages resulting from your breach of this Agreement may well be impossible to measure accurately, and injuries sustained by Ask AQuire may well be incalculable and irremediable. Therefore, in addition to claiming damages in respect thereof, Ask AQuire shall be entitled as a matter of right to seek an injunction to prevent a breach of the covenants and obligations hereof and such right shall be cumulative and in addition to any other remedies which may be available, You shall indemnify Ask AQuire, and save him harmless, effective as and from the date hereof, from and against any claim, demands, actions, causes of action, direct damages losses, costs, liabilities or expenses which it may suffer or incur, or which may be made or brought against him, as a result of, in respect of, or arising out of, any breach or non-“fulfillment of any term or condition of this Agreement by you.

Governing Law 

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the USA. Accepted on the date indicated above.