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Implement Supramaximal Eccentric and Isokinetic Training to unlock an innovative, highly efficient, and safe method to optimize rehabilitation and athletic performance.

Application of an innovative paradigm shift in resistance training.  Custom Calibrated Resistance™  (CCR) removes the limitations of conventional training methods. By precisely matching the force of the user at all times, CCR™ unlocks a whole new form of training that improves intensity, efficiency, and safety.  Learn the science that supports Supramaximal Eccentric and Isokinetic Training and explore applications for all demographics ranging from elite athlete to post-op rehab.  In the Lab portion we will apply these concepts with hands on movements that activate entire kinetic chains and demand increased neural drive and organization. Safely maximize force generation to optimize performance, strength, rehab, and fitness.



  • Implement and scale progressions of Custom Calibrated Resistance™ to any stage of rehab or performance training
  • Increased time efficiency and safety – maximize treatment / training sessions while reducing risks
  • Work towards becoming a Custom Calibrated Resistance™ Instructor.

Upon completion of taking the Custom Calibrated Resistance™  course and passing the practical and written exams, you are fully ready to utilize and incorporate Custom Calibrated Resistance™  into your practice and market yourself as a CCRSpecialist.


  • Identify the neurological benefits of triplanar, dynamic eccentric loading vs. traditional eccentric exercises.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of Custom Calibrated ResistanceTM exercises vs. traditional weights.
  • Demonstrate and identify how to increase range-of-motion using calibrated eccentric exercises.
  • Demonstrate proper application of safely incorporating eccentric exercises in neuro rehabilitation.
  • Identify the proprioceptive benefits of eccentric exercises for athletics including enhanced athletic
    performance, balance, stabilization, and injury prevention.
  • Demonstrate and safely apply Supramaximal Eccentric and Isokinetic training with progressions to address a
    variety of applications (from post – op rehab through maximal training for athletic enhancement).


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  • Certification of Completion
  • Lecture
  • Digital Course Manual
  • Approved CEU/ Contact Hours
  • Lecture with demonstration and hands-on lab
  • Synapse® System purchase at discount price option


  • Certified Athletic Trainer, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant
  • 1:16  Instructor to Attendee


Raj Chaudhuri
Raj Chaudhuri
Inventor of the Synapse

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